In the far distant future the drug of choice isn’t cocaine or marijuana. It isn’t smack or crank, either. Or acid. Or hash, meth, uppers, downers, reds, blues, scream juice, zqxkj or Ugandan whiz-bang. It’s the Spice, and it’s the central subject of this classic, mind-bending tale of family and political intrigue set on the planet of Arrakis. If you enjoyed Dallas but thought it could use more sandworms, Dune will blow your mind like a double scream juice on the rocks. Recommended.

On a scale of Spice Girls that were kicked out of the group ranging from Ugly Spice to Crusty Spice, this book is: Weepy Lesion Spice.


This is an outdated cover. Nowadays, most sandworms are circumcised.


A strange virus causes women to begin birthing the next stage in human evolution, threatening to make homo sapiens extinct. Now we know how all those monkeys felt when we grew opposable thumbs! This book is what’s commonly known as ‘hard’ scifi; as in ‘hard’ to read, ‘hard’ to follow and ‘hard’ly worth my time. The story, while compelling, is riddled with scientific terminology far beyond a lummox like me (‘Duuuhhh…..what’s a ‘beaker’…?). But if you’re a PhD – holding endemic virologist looking for a little light reading between cataloguing RNA sequences, give it a whirl. Preferably in your haemacrotic centrifuge.

On a scale of viruses ranging from cytoplasmic ployhedrosis to acute laryngotracheobronchitis, this book is: duck hepatitis B.

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