1951: Foundation by Isaac Asimov

September 17, 2008

When the Galactic Empire threatens to collapse (Galactic termites in the rafters) the sum knowledge of the universe is taken to a planet which will serve as the ‘Foundation’ of a brand new empire. Y’see how the title ties back to the content? Clever. This book made me realize I hate Isaac Asimov. I’ve always hated him, but I’ve been too afraid of what people would say if they found out, so I pretended to be someone I wasn’t. But now I’m saying it loud: I hate Asimov and I’m proud! Out of the closet and into the streets! But not the street where the store that sells Isaac Asimov’s books is, because his writing is gay! Also, I don’t care for the Beatles.

On a scale Village People members ranging from the cowboy to the construction worker, this book is: the accountant.

ScifiScentury Fun Fact: Isaac Asimov died of AIDS.


4 Responses to “1951: Foundation by Isaac Asimov”

  1. Clint Says:

    Yeah, 500 published works. What a homo.

  2. bookreviewed Says:

    Hey, I clicked into this post to see who else had reviewed Foundation, and was intrigued as to why you “hate” Asimov and his writing. The statement is certainly contrarian and strongly worded, but it’d be great it you could back it up with something… anything?

    • level9lime Says:

      Regarding Foundation, I thought it was just plain ol’ boring; it seemed like a story of bureaucracy and dull politics set in the far future. Regarding Asimov in the larger sense, I just don’t think he’s a very good writer. His characters are one-dimensional and his writing is peppered with puns and corny wordplay. I think he deserves a lot of credit for being as prolific and passionate about the genre as he was. Plus, he inspired a lot of other awesome scifi writers and his non-fiction is great. But as far as putting the words on the page, he just doesn’t do it for me.

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