1906: Puck Of Pook’s Hill by Rudyard Kipling

April 28, 2008

Two British children meet a Shakespearean imp who lays bare for them the gloried, storied, lorry-ed history of England by recalling the British Isles’ most famous personages to life. Here, resurrected, is a famous knight who regales them with tales of famous knightery! Here, alive once again, is a Scotch pirate who earns funds by running guns! And here, all the way from the Appian Way, is Roman legionnaire who recalls pitched battles against the Picts before he succumbed to legionnaire’s disease! NOTE: To a Roman legionnaire, ‘legionnaire’s disease’ was simply when the enemy stabbed you in the lung with a spear.

On a scale of famous Hills ranging from Faith to Drew, this book is: Hank.

Puck, yeah!


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