1916: The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

April 25, 2008

Guy goes to bed one night, wakes up as a giant cockroach. His family scorns, abuses and ostracizes him, and he eventually dies. Seems harsh, until you realize that waking up as a giant cockroach was, in Kafka’s day, the equivalent of telling your parents you were gay. Your dad would be all, like, ‘If only I’d taught my son to play baseball he wouldn’t have woken up as a giant cockroach!’ Eventually, your family would grudgingly accept your being a giant cockroach and you’d bring your cockroach friend and traveling companion David over for Thanksgiving, but it’d be tense. By the way: doesn’t this this photo of Kafka looks like Tony Soprano’s nephew?

On a scale of things you did this morning ranging from brushing your teeth to waking up as a giant cockroach, this book is: you got yourself a gun.

Riddle: How did Franz Kafka describe a Kafka-esque experience?


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