1946: Slan by A.E. van Vogt

April 19, 2008

Y’know how there’s stuff people absolutely love, despite the fact it obviously sucks? Like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, U2 or democracy? That’s what this book is like. It’s about a race of telepathic superhumans called Slans, who are despised and persecuted by regular humans because of their abilities. They’re basically the Asian math students of the future. Scifi fans absolutely jizz in their 44-waist Wranglers over this novel, but they should clench their urethras and hang onto it, because Slan is way overrated.

On a scale of Slan crimes ranging from Slan Theft Auto to Slanslaughter, this book is: Slander.

‘Darn dry cleaner shrunk my space pants.’

One Response to “1946: Slan by A.E. van Vogt”

  1. pwt3 Says:

    I’m reading through the 25 volumes of “Isaac Asimov Presents The Great SF Stories”, which features the best stories annually from 39 to 63, and – Van Vogt’s stories are conspicuously awful. Like the other stories are for the most part very good, even great, and it’s obvious why they’d be considered classics. They’re always more or less literature. And then the Van Vogt stories will appear and just be terrible, guilty of all the worst excesses of pulp fiction, bad on a paragraph for paragraph, line by line basis. Even the intros by Asimov, which are always nothing but praise for the writer as a person, never praise Van Vogt. He always rips on the stories and on the thinking behind them. It’s no surprise this guy’s work was detested by so many of the serious practitioners of the craft.

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