1908: The Sword Of Welleran And Other Stories by Lord Dunsany

February 28, 2008

Dunsany is like Eminem. He writes with a simplicity and style that makes you think, ‘I can do that.’ But when you sit down and try, you realize how tight, mad and crazy his science, flow and skills are, respectively. And you hate him for his talent, but you don’t want to dis him because you’re afraid he might write a skit about you fellating Insane Clown Posse. So you squash the beef and read this collection of stories, most of which are about how much he hates his ex-wife. Highly recommended.

On a scale of D12 members ranging from Bizarre to Kuniva, this book is: Kon Artis.

'Dear Dunsany; I wrote you but you still ain't callin'....'


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