1918: Meccania: The Super State by Owen Gregory

February 25, 2008

A fascist ruler controls every aspect of average citizens’ lives, demanding to know where they are and what they’re doing twenty-four hours a day. But enough about my marriage – let’s talk about this book. Its true authour is unknown; ‘Owen Gregory’ is widely believed to be a pen name, and if I’d taken a subject as interesting as a fascist dystopia and made it this boring, I’d want anonymity, too. Dude or dudette couldn’t even pen an interesting pen name. ‘Owen Gregory?’. Was ‘Snoozy McGee’ taken? It was? Oh. Sorry, Snoozy. I didn’t see you there. What about ‘Sleepy McGillicutty’? That’s also taken? And he’s Snoozy’s cousin? Damn. Writing is harder than it looks.

On a scale of states ranging from California to Hawaii, this book is as super as: Delaware.

One un-super book.


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