1928: A Brand New World by Ray Cummings

February 23, 2008

Earth is attacked by aliens from the planet Xenephrene because they suspect we are harbouring WMDX’s (weapons of mass destruction of Xenephrenians). Fortunately, a scientist invents a ray gun to defeat them. After reading this book, I demand the Second Amendment be extended to include the right to bear ray guns. They can be used to solve all kinds of problems. Wanna defend your home against burglars? Get a ray gun. Going hunting? Ray gun. Rival street gang? Ray gun held sideways in gangsta grip. Zombie Ronald Regan? Don’t be silly. There’s no such thing.

On a scale of ray gun settings ranging from ‘Warm’ to ‘Fuck Yo’ Shit Up, Ray Gun Style’, this book is: ‘Is It Hot In Here, Or Is Someone Pointing A Ray Gun At Me?’.

Everybody loves Raymond. And cumming.


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