1998: The Cleft And Other Odd Tales by Gahan Wilson

February 5, 2008

Cartoonist Gahan Wilson proves he’s a man of many talents (okay, two) with this offbeat anthology of stories. What I like about this book is that every story is told in a different voice. In ‘The Sea Was Wet As Wet Could Be’, Wilson does a Robin Williams ‘black guy’ voice. In ‘Them Bleaks’ he does a Richard Pryor ‘white guy’ voice. And in ‘The Marble Boy’ he does a ‘what if John Madden and Cher had a baby? I think it would sound a little like this’ voice. Sometimes whimsical, sometimes humourous, sometimes whimsi-rous, The Cleft will delight your literary palate. Recommended.

On a scale of things cut in half featured on thingsihavecutinhalf.blogspot.com ranging from a teabag to a pocket comb, this book is: an alarm clock.

Get a copy before there’s none cleft.


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