1979: Convergent Series by Larry Niven

January 11, 2008

Larry Niven is such a good writer that he could, if he wanted to, act like a total jerk and get away with it. He could yell at waiters, molest people’s sick pets, ash a cigarette into the hair of the girl blowing him, and you’d still say, ‘Convergent Series is an awesome collection of stories from one of scifi’s masters; I’m gonna look the other way on the pet-molesting.’ Of course, Larry Niven would never do those things, because he’s too classy. Also, it’s hard to molest pets; they bite you unless they’re wearing one of those cones around their necks.  Recommended.

On a scale of jerks ranging from Charlie Sheen to Russell Crowe, this book is: Christian Bale (dude; your sum contribution to Batman was a raspy voice; where do you get off yelling at people?)

Like the World Series, but nerdier.


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